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A new concept, Miss Daisy’s Helpers provides home transition services for the downsizer, helping you transition to your new home as smoothly as possible. View our brochure.

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  • Relocating and Downsizing
  • Home Organizing and Decluttering
  • Deceased Estate Assistance


To whom it may concern, I would like to pay testament to assistance tendered (by Miss Daisy’s Helpers) as I did not have anyone to assist with changes of house, as well as purchasing of essential items such as beds, sheets washing machine and dryer. Just a few items required to complete the exchange, even some packing prior to moving. I tend to call it shopping, when one is unable to shop personally could not have done, complex shopping without (Miss Daisy’s Helpers) to the cause. I could not have done my transition without Miss Daisy’s Helpers they are reliable and get the job done with ease.

To thank you both for a phenomenal effort yesterday!! It just looks terrific , even though I know we haven’t QUITE finished!! Such fresh ideas! No fuss!! Great energy!!Sincere thank you to you both Love
Judith, Timmy and Noah

Thank you for my new start to living. It could not have eventuated if it wasn’t Kerri who was outstanding in her work ethics

Miss daisy’s Helpers were of immeasurable help to me recently when I moved from a self care retirement village,The Heritage, to one which provides more care and in particular meals, Hunters Hill Lodge.The move occurred under very difficult circumstances and their representative did a tremendous job.The move involved a lot of downsizing and early in the piece one of their representatives came to see me and we went through what might move with us and what would have to go.Then disaster struck.I was rushed to hospital and was out of action for a month.During this time,the move occurred.I was rushed to hospital was out of action for a month.During this time,the move occurred.Contracts had been signed and there was no possibility of postponing it.Miss Daisy’s Helpers managed most successfully the whole move, made all the necessary decisions without reference to me and when I was discharged from hospital,I came to my new home where everything was in perfect order.Miss Daisy’s Helpers did a fabulous job and I will be eternally grateful to them and would strongly recommend them to anyone needing similar assistance.

Decluttering 50 + years and the sale of our home became a manageable task with the help of the Daisy team. I wish you all the success with a much-needed service in our community.

We highly recommend Miss Daisy’s Helpers and in particular, Kerri Quinlan.
A client of ours with multiple sclerosis needed help to clear her property of unwanted furniture, clothing and other goods. The lady was confined to a wheelchair and really needed someone who had empathy and the patience to listen to her and give her time to discuss and sort out what she wanted done as well as what she needed to have done at her property.
Kerri was exceptional in her planning and organisational skills. She helped our client greatly and the work done made a tremendous difference to the presentation of the property when it came time to list it.
The client was relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that everything that was done for her was in the kindest most helpful way. The price achieved at the successful auction was no doubt helped as a result of the efforts of Miss Daisy’s Helpers.
Affordable and efficient. Kerri and her helpers are bright stars in the de-cluttering business.
Douglas Vincent

I am a 70-year-old man who recently lost my wife. We had shared a house for 30 years.
I could not live in the house by myself and needed to sell and move into a retirement community. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t cope.
Then a friend who noticed my despair suggested that I contact ‘Miss Daisy’s Helpers’ because their business model was exactly to help people in my situation.
So Kerri Quinlan came to the house, surveyed the situation and helped me select what I could take to my apartment. ‘Miss Daisy’s helpers ‘ packed up all fragile items, clothes etc, arranged for a trusted removalist and unpacked in the apartment and arranged everything neatly and safely and with great care and taste.
In addition, they found a place (‘ a home’) for all items in useful condition. Charities, second-hand bookstores and schools. It was just marvellous and I was so relieved.
Finally, ‘Miss Daisy’s helpers’ had the house cleaned so that the house could be handed over to the new owners in respectable condition.
My interaction with ‘Miss Daisy’s helpers’ has been positive in all aspects. I recommend their services to anyone in my circumstances.


A Helping Hand

Miss Daisy’s Helpers understands that as we age, it’s important to have the choice to maintain independence in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes though, “our home” has to change. The thought of moving house or downsizing can be overwhelming. There are so many choices and so many little things to consider. Miss Daisy’s Helpers can assist you through his process. Miss Daisy’s Helpers offers a range services to help your transition to your new home. Our real estate experience and caring approach makes us your perfect vendor advocate. Our priority is your interests.Giving you peace of mind making the transition as smooth as possible. You can be confident that a regular and familiar face will be there to support you through the transition process. From making that first decision right through to ensuring that you are properly settled and all those post relocation bugs are ironed out.

Home Transition Checklist

Make The Decision
Where do I want to go?

Identifying your needs based on health,preferred lifestyle and financial position
Consider the options
Inspect properties and facilities
Help with sourcing financial and legal advice
Selling Your Home
Stress free

Plan the process
Engage and liaise with Real Estate Agent
Remove Rubbish
Cosmetic renovations and repairs
Soft styling
Transition To Your New Home
Moving you

Sort out what to take
Co-ordinate the sale and disposal of unwanted items.
Facilitate change of address for services such as phone,electricity,gas,television and mail
Engage Liaise With Removalists, Packers And Unpackers
Set up new home
Purchase any item needed to make your new house a home

Deceased Estate Assistance

Sorting through a loved ones’s belongings and preparing the home for sale is difficult, time consuming and can be heart wrenching. Miss Daisy’s Helpers can manage this process for you with care and understanding sensitive to your needs.


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